Quinn signs so-called Facebook bill into law –

Quinn signs so-called Facebook bill into law –

Employer can no longer demand your facebook password.  They never should have been able to “extort” this from job candidates, but now its law.  Here’s the bottom line, if you are grousing around about your employer make sure its protected speech or you are going to be unemployed regardless of this new law.

A few months ago, I wrote about a seminar I attended that talk about the speech which is protected on facebook.  To keep it simple – think of it like a lunchroom at the factory – if it’s something you would complain about at the lunchroom table or a union meeting, then say it.  Otherwise, keep it off of facebook and instead keep it as private protected speech instead.

Unions have lost and gained influence over the years, but their purpose is as important as the day they were allowed by law – simply to give workers and labor a voice.  Facebook can be a good place for your voice but make sure you keep what you publish smart, tight and focused on topics that are protected.  That way you can keep you job and complain about it to….in public.

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