height weight health insurance

height weight health insurance

BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois – Height and Weight Chart.

As a small law office, I am well aware of the challenges of purchasing health insurance for my family.  I have attached a height and weight chart for Illinois.  The bottom line is this – if you are within the Acceptable Weight Limits and have no pre-existing medical conditions, health insurance is reasonably priced with good coverage.  If you are above the acceptable weight but not above the 25% rate up you will get coverage but at a much higher price.  If you are above the 25% rate up weight – you will be denied coverage.  This is the so called “obesity” pre-existing condition that many insurers now use to exclude “obese” individuals.  Bottom line, if you weigh more than these limits, you need to check into to the Illinois ICHIP program which offer insurance to folks who are denied by these height and weight requirements.  Although coverage isn’t cheap, it isn’t unreasonable either.

On January 1, 2014 – this all changes when the healthcare act becomes fully effective.  At that time you will not be denied for health insurance and required to have health insurance or be subject to a severe tax penalty.

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