chicago gambling casinos

chicago gambling casinos

Winners and losers: Chicago-area casinos 20 years later –


Gambling Addiction is Real.  In my bankruptcy practice I see between 1 and 2 percent of my potential clients suffering from Gambling Addiction and the severe results it has on budgets and ultimately and always the inevitable bankruptcy filing.

In one meeting I can remember a trustee asking how the debtor had made and lost over $225,000 in one year.  The debtor responded by saying that they did not make more than $2500 and the losses didn’t seem that high.  In reality, the debtor was probably going to the casino three times a day and losing or gaining $10,000 to $20,000 per day.  One debtor really just liked the “social atmosphere” of the casino.  Another debtor didn’t even see anything wrong with losing about $15,000 of its income to gambling in the year before filing.

The warning signs of gambling addiction are when a debtor is employed in an above median income job but has pay day loans, car repossessions and completely maxed out credit cards that have usually been closed for years.

Based upon what I’ve seen, continued education and free treatment services for Gambling Addicts should be continued.  I do not believe casinos should be constrained in any way shape or form as nearly all of these gambling would simply go underground and not assist with the rare, but severe issues that gambling addicts face.







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