10 Steps to Purchasing Your First Home

10 Steps to Purchasing Your First Home

1.  Call the IRS at 800-829-1040 and request free tax transcripts for the last four years
2.  Call your HR department at work and request a payroll report for the last six months
3.  Visit a reputable lender, such as a bank or mortgage broker
4.  Get Pre-Qualified for a loan to learn how large of a loan you qualify for
5.  Interview 3 skilled realtors who work in the area you want to find a home in
6.  Meet with a housing counselor to learn about grants and First Time Homebuyer incentives
7.  Search for homes in only the neighborhoods you like and have reasonable commute times
8.  Limit your search to homes that are 20% less in cost than what you re pre-approved for
9.  Interview at least 2 homes inspectors use them whenever you make an offer
10.  Hire good legal counsel that is experienced and focused on real estate

Good Resources:

A.  Latin United Housing Association (
B.  Illinois Real Estate Lawyers Association (
C.  NLO First Time Homebuyer Guide – request at

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