legalize hemp

legalize hemp

Chicago City Council passes pot possession ticket ordinance – Chicago Sun-Times.

Click the Link Above to See an Interesting Sun-Time Article Discussing Chicago’s ticket for pot possession.

Whether you believe Pot should be legal or not, one thing is for sure, the original underpinnings of making Hemp illegal in 1935 with the tax stamp act has screwed up law enforcement for year.  Hemp is a weed that grows naturally and has to be eradicated by force just to keep it from not being available practically everywhere in the rural midwest.  Many people believe that the “War on Drugs” created by Nancy Reagan as a political stunt has been expensive and unsuccessful.  My opinion is that plants that grow naturally shouldn’t be illegal for anyone to possess much less smoke.  In addition it is ludicrous for anyone to assert that weed spraying for a weed that doesn’t necessarily both people should be mandatory when millions could be diverted towards healthcare or drug prevention education.

Here’s the bottom line, strong law enforcement is necessary to maintain order in society.  Ineffective laws that do not benefits society must be enforced until legislatures realize they are not beneficial.  It appears that nearly all laws against the possession, growing and use of Marijuana/Pot/Hemp are not beneficial to society.

Just like drinking and driving, strong law enforcement should be focused on keeping all users of drugs from driving, operating machinery or endangering others.

Tobacco is legal but heavily regulated, is that really right?  No, but then where is all of the tax money going to come from?  May Hemp/Pot/Marijuana will become the new plant to tax legally to replace falling tobacco revenues.  This is more about the game to tax things.

It looks like Hemp/Pot/Marijuana needs to be legal, taxed and grown at home.  What should never happen is for someone to promote this plant as something “healthy” or good for you.  That is left to opinion and is a private matter.

Just like everything – these go in cycles and just like tobacco, pot will be legal soon, taxed, expensive and just as “healthy” or “unhealthy” as it was before.  Just like gambling, drinking and any other vice.

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