Same-Sex Married Couples can File a Joint Bankruptcy Petition (Illinois Civil Unions)

In a ruling filed on June 13th, in the Central District of California by the Bankruptcy Appellate Court, Same-Sex Couples legally married in California can file a Joint Marital Bankruptcy Petition.  While the issue will remain unsettled for some time to come as this issue eventually heads to the Supreme Court, it is interesting to note just how unified and strong the support is of ALL judges of the Central District.

So what does this mean to us in Illinois?  As of June 1, 2011,  Same-Sex Couples in Illinois can entered into Civil Unions.  It would appear that a Joint Bankruptcy Petition can be filed for these couples who are in a valid Civil Union.

Why is this important?  A joint bankruptcy is simply less costly, works better in a Chapter 13 and better reflects the debts and assets of any couple co-habitating regardless of whether they are a heterosexual marriage or not.

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