Illinois power of attorney for healthcare 2015 form

Illinois power of attorney for healthcare 2015 form:

In 2015, Illinois has a new Statutory Power of Attorney for Healthcare form.  This new form is simpler and easier to fill out than its predecessor but also carries with it several pitfalls including making successor power of attorney nominations suggestive and not mandatory.  It also carries with it language in its directives that is unclear with regard to patients with dementia.  In short the new statutory form is the new “standard” form for Illinois and a great form to fill out when needed in a hurry.  However, having an attorney customize your Power of Attorney for Healthcare may be helpful.

For more information about how the new statute read, please visit:

  1. The Illinois Statutory Short Form Power of Attorney for Health Care is codified at 755 ILCS 45/4-10. The statutory text can be accessed at
  2. The new health care power of attorney form is available as a downloadable PDF form by clicking on the link to the right:  IL Stat POA Health Care

Sources used in the drafting of this article:

Ed Finkel, Estate Planners Adopt and Adapt the New HCPOA Form, April 2015 • Volume 103 • Number 4 • Page 20; Illinois Bar Journal


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