house hunters fake show

house hunters fake show

HGTV House Hunters fake –  Click to the left to see a great Chicago Tribune Article on the sham that is realilty TV and especially with regard to the purchase or real estate.  Having been involved in residential real estate since 1994, one of the most disappointing things that I see is new buyer’s  who are “sold” on a home they either don’t need, can’t afford or is a bad value.  This article shows the almost unbelievable “persuasion” that we sometimes see in this field.

When looking for a home, you should look for a realtor who is:

1)  Five Years of Experience

2) Is Recommended or Affiliated with a Housing Association or carriers some sort of endorsement from a non-profit association.

3)  One who encourages honest, independent and vigorous representation of buyers by excellent licensed attorneys.

4)  Lastly, your realtor should spend time in the office with you going through listing and then setting up efficient tour dates instead of inefficient one stop views.

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