Free Credit Report – Links to the Actual Government Regulated Free Credit Report

This is the actual free credit report – not the scam to charge you money for a “free” credit report.

Information about the Free Credit Report

Where to Order your Free Annual Credit Report

The Government Mandates that every U.S. Citizen is entitled a  free (that’s right – free) annual credit report.  This report is the same report that banks and other credit providers use, however, it does not include your credit score which is a separate service that you must pay for.  Be advised that your credit score usually not really necessary to find out because it is the actual information in the report that needs to be analyzed.

As an advocate for consumer credit rights, I recommend choosing the “pure” free credit report and receiving it via U.S. Mail.   The electronic credit report is often difficult to save as a readable file and often turns into a trick to get you to have to order a non-free report later.  If you must order the report via electronic format, be sure to save the report on your hard drive or print out right away so that you have it for later use.

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