Crains’s Reports, “E-filing arrives in Cook County – with a gold rush” Commentary by David Nelson

Cook County proposes to charge $2.95 per document “e-filed” in its system using the same software that is used by the United State Federal Court System.  Let’s take a look at the difference:  Under the federal system, the filing is “free” and subject only to the traditional filing fee that is associated with the action. There is no difference in cost for filing at the counter – which is only allowed by Prose Litigants.  When it comes to retrieving documents, you always get a “first look free” which means that if you maintain your file properly you do not pay “extra” to retrieve documents.  If you want to pull off documents off of the system it is 8 Cents per page which turns out not be expensive or a burden.

I have only one questions for the Honorable Toni Preckwinkle – Why not adopt the federal court standard and start to the make the appearance of our Cook County Court look good with every action instead of as a corrupt in-efficient.  Adopt the federal way of e-filing and liberate Cook County from Corruption.

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