royal crown cola bankrupt

royal crown cola bankrupt

Read the fine print –  you can still buy Royal Crown Cola whose recipe is owned by Dr. Pepper Snapple Group and Distributed Locally by itself and not through a bottler.  This bottler is a former bottler and distributor of Royal Crown Cola and hasn’t bottled and sold Royal Crown for several years.  The good news is:  You can still get Royal Crown Cola – a personal favorite.


As Reported by the Chicago Tribune, January 23, 2012;

Royal Crown Bottling Co. of Chicago Inc. filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy last Friday and said it plans to dissolve the business.

Its 20 biggest unsecured creditors include the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp., which has a disputed claim of nearly $4.5 million for retirement plans for the company’s employees. The PBGC is a federal agency that protects pension benefits in private-sector defined benefit plans, which typically pay a set monthly amount at retirement.

Another unsecured creditor is the Soft Drink Industry Local Union No. 710 Pension Fund, which has a disputed claim of nearly $3.7 million, bankruptcy records show.

Royal Crown has total liabilities of $8.2 million and total assets of $28,635.

As of 2001, it had been the nation’s largest independent Royal Crown bottler.

Seyfarth Shaw LLP lawyer Jason DeJonker, who is representing Bolingbrook-based Royal Crown Bottling Co. of Chicago, declined to comment on the bankruptcy. According to bankruptcy documents, 43 percent of the company is owned by Fred Adamany of Rockford, and 46 percent by the estate of Dan Weil and Weil trusts.

Royal Crown is a brand of Dr Pepper Snapple Group. A spokesman for the beverage chain said that it has been several years since Royal Crown Bottling of Chicago carried its brands. Dr Pepper Snapple handles its own sale and distribution of Royal Crown Cola in the Chicago area from a Northlake bottling facility, the Dr Pepper Snapple spokesman said.

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