chicago gambling casinos

chicago gambling casinos

Winners and losers: Chicago-area casinos 20 years later –


Gambling Addiction is Real.  In my bankruptcy practice I see between 1 and 2 percent of my potential clients suffering from Gambling Addiction and the severe results it has on budgets and ultimately and always the inevitable bankruptcy filing.

In one meeting I can remember a trustee asking how the debtor had made and lost over $225,000 in one year.  The debtor responded by saying that they did not make more than $2500 and the losses didn’t seem that high.  In reality, the debtor was probably going to the casino three times a day and losing or gaining $10,000 to $20,000 per day.  One debtor really just liked the “social atmosphere” of the casino.  Another debtor didn’t even see anything wrong with losing about $15,000 of its income to gambling in the year before filing.

The warning signs of gambling addiction are when a debtor is employed in an above median income job but has pay day loans, car repossessions and completely maxed out credit cards that have usually been closed for years.

Based upon what I’ve seen, continued education and free treatment services for Gambling Addicts should be continued.  I do not believe casinos should be constrained in any way shape or form as nearly all of these gambling would simply go underground and not assist with the rare, but severe issues that gambling addicts face.







free sailboat

free sailboat


A Free Rhodes 19 Sailboat Keel Version is available to someone who will sail it.  To obtain this boat please contact;


Ron Johnson


Call:  309-265-4653

Call Now/Email Now – Boat May be Gone by July 31, 2012.


To Sail your new Rhodes 19 Sailboat in Chicago, you need to Join Fleet 12 and Moor Your Boat at Montrose Harbor.  You also need to join the National Rhodes 19 Organization.

Lastly, you need to join the Chicago Corinthian Yacht Club to race your Rhodes 19 and to more fully enjoy Montrose Harbor.

Average Yearly Cost to  Run, Race and Moor Your Rhodes 19 is $3000 or less including Yacht Club Membership, Fleet Membership and Average Maintenance Costs, Mooring for Summer and Winter.

I am the past fleet captain (2003-2005) of the Fleet 12 and strongly endorse owning a Rhodes 19 as a great form of recreation that is affordable in the City of Chicago.

law graduates jobs

law graduates jobs


ABA: Only 55 percent of law grads found full-time law jobs.

Click the link above to see the article.

I am particularly pleased to see this new requirement that forces law schools to check up on their recent graduates to find out if they have found full time employment.  I consider my education from Drake University to have been excellent in all ways preparing me well for the job that I do everyday as a lawyer.

HOWEVER, Drake University did absolutely nothing to prepare me for taking the Bar in any or all states, did nothing to help me figure out where to land my first job AND most importantly did nothing to help me figure out how to start paying my $61,000 (in 1992 dollars $21,000 was at 14% interest) in law school only student loans that started six months after I graduated.

I SUPPORT every law school graduate who is attempting to find employment and strongly advise all graduates to choose employment in ANY job regardless of whether it is law related or the practice law.  If you have left law school and have student loan debt – now is the time to wise up and keep your loans current.  They die 25 years after first repayment plus deferments.  For most law school graduates that means there is no escape and you must pay these loans.

Agawa Canyon Tour Train


Agawa Canyon Train

Agawa Canyon Train

Agawa Canyon Tour Train.  Click the link on the left to see information about the Agawa Canyon Tour Train.  This is an amazing ride through rural Canada just north of New York State.  Since this train has had some tough times during the last ten years, I highly recommend riding it sooner than later.

Fall Foliage Tour Information:

Accommodations near the train:


Location of Agawa Canyon Tour Train:

From U.S.A.

follow I-75 over International Bridge

Turn Right onto Huron St. which will become Bay St.

Turn Left onto Bruce St.

Turn Left onto Pim (which will turn into Great Northern Rd.)

From Sudbury:

Follow 17 West/North and Turn Right onto Black Rd.

Follow By-pass turning left on Second Line

Turn Left onto Great Northern Rd. drive 1 block.

From Wawa:

follow 17 south 1 block past Water Tower

Turn right into driveway

From Catalina to Agawa Canyon Train:

Turn right onto Great Northern Rd. for 1 mile

Turn Right onto Bruce St.

Turn Right onto Queen St.

Turn Right onto Dennis St. into Train parking lot.

From Catalina to Hearst Train:

Turn left onto Great Northern Rd. for 1 block

Turn Left onto Second Line

Turn Left onto Carmen’s Way

Turn Right into driveway past Wellington St.

GPS address:

259 Great Northern Rd., Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, P6B 4Z2

hot cups davenport ia

hot cups davenport ia

Hot Cups Coffee – No Starburcks, No Dunkin Donuts & No Corporate Coffee

Recently, I traveled to the Quad Cities.  Being accustomed to a Dunkin Donuts and/or Starbucks on practically every corner I was surprised to find that they do not exist in Downtown Davenport.  However, independent coffee shops do exist:  Hot Cups.  I stumbled upon Hot Cups as I was driving through a neighborhood near downtown and near the Palmer School of Chiropractic.  Also nearby are St. John’s Methodist and the former Weert’s Funeral Home.  This coffee shop sells coffee by the bra size and is served by women in lingerie.  I can’t provide a review because Hot Cups was closed on Saturday when I drove by and shot the pictures found below.  For more information about this coffee shop, check out this video documentary on this shop:

Here is an article in the Quad City Times talking about the entrepreneurs who have started this business:

Hot Cups Backside

Hot Cups Backside


Hot Cups Frontside

Hot Cups Frontside


Climate Change Spring is Here

Climate Change Spring is Here

These pictures taken on March 11th prove that an early Spring has arrived.  Whether its global warming or climate change, it appears that the weather has a lot more ups and downs.  Last year in 2012, we had hot weather in March.  In 2013 we didn’t get hot weather until the middle of June.

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Flowers Spring 2012

Flowers Spring 2012

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