Subway is Closed at 407 South Dearborn effective February 4, 2014

Subway is Closed at 407 South Dearborn effective February 4, 2014.  According to the sandwich makers at Subway, 407 South Dearborn is closing January 1, 2014.  However, Subway officially is now closed as of February 4, 2014.  A close Alternative location is within the Federal Building at 77 West Jackson and also one further east at 54 East Jackson.  Since at least 2010 Subway has been located in the Northeast Corner of 407 S. Dearborn.    It was recently announced that a developer would be converting the building from Commercial Office space to rental apartments.  it is not known at this time whether the new tenants will be students, low income or any other type of residential tenant.  Currently the building is 5% occupied by commercial te407sdearborn1nants.  Historically, this building was built in 1898 and in 2011 received an exterior rehab.

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David C. Nelson on AVVO

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russell wasendorf sentencing

russell wasendorf sentencing

Peregrine Founder & CEO – Wasendorf Gets 50 Years – A Virtual Life Sentence.  He’s 65 and living in Terre Haute, Indiana.  Not a great end for Wasendorf.  If you haven’t been following this case, then you have missed the closed Italian Restaurant in Cedar Falls, Iowa, the shuttered corporate headquarters and the classic automobiles.  However, it is once again a sad day when another investment company executive has lost untold amounts of money at investors expense.  Unfortunately, this prison term will only help to deter this behavior.  It will never make investors of Peregrine  Financial whole again.  And as for the communities that relied upon Peregrine, ie Cedar Falls and Cedar Rapids Iowa, they have lost valuable jobs at high salaries that won’t be replaced soon in these rural communities that are often side-stepped in favor of large metropolitan areas.

See the Chicago Tribune Article and read our earlier article about Peregrine,0,5225548.story


Crains’s Reports, “E-filing arrives in Cook County – with a gold rush” Commentary by David Nelson

Cook County proposes to charge $2.95 per document “e-filed” in its system using the same software that is used by the United State Federal Court System.  Let’s take a look at the difference:  Under the federal system, the filing is “free” and subject only to the traditional filing fee that is associated with the action. There is no difference in cost for filing at the counter – which is only allowed by Prose Litigants.  When it comes to retrieving documents, you always get a “first look free” which means that if you maintain your file properly you do not pay “extra” to retrieve documents.  If you want to pull off documents off of the system it is 8 Cents per page which turns out not be expensive or a burden.

I have only one questions for the Honorable Toni Preckwinkle – Why not adopt the federal court standard and start to the make the appearance of our Cook County Court look good with every action instead of as a corrupt in-efficient.  Adopt the federal way of e-filing and liberate Cook County from Corruption.

Postal Holidays 2013

Postal Holidays 2013.  February 18, 2013; President’s Day, Also known as Washington’s  Birthday (Observed) is a postal holiday meaning that no U.S. Mail is delivered.  For a complete of all Postal Holidays for 2013, please see the attachment with these holidays.  For a complete list of postal holidays:  U.S. Postal Service Holidays 2013


Chicago’s Old Post Office



What’s Open and What’s Closed on February 18, 2013 – President’s Day


  • Federal Courts:  CLOSED   See the attached Federal Holidays for 2013 Calendar:      Federal Holidays
  • State of Illinois Government Offices:  CLOSED  See the attached Illinois State Holidays for 2013 Calendar:    State Holidays
  • Cook County Clerk of Court and Court System:  CLOSED  See the attached Dorothy Brown Cook County Clerk of Court Calendar  Calendar2013


  • Dunkins Donuts:  Open – See Dunkin Donuts List of Holidays at  See National Donut Appreciation Day.
  • Krispy Kreme Donuts:  Potentially Open – Donuts so delicious that nearly all of their stores have closed to conserve these rare donut gems!!!  See for more information.
  • Micro Center – Will be offering President’s Day Special – see for more information.

Peregrine’s Wasendorf Sentenced to 50 Years in Prison

The Wall Street Journal is reporting today that :
Peregrine’s Wasendorf Sentenced to 50 Years in Prison. Russell Wasendorf Sr. was sentenced to the maximum 50 years in jail after admitting to orchestrating a fraud at the futures brokerage he founded and misleading regulators for almost 20 years. Mr. Wasendorf pleaded guilty last September to the fraud at Peregrine Financial Group that federal prosecutors said cost his investors around $215 million and masked a business that was never profitable.

Here are some pictures from the auction of his personal and corporate owned assets:


Peregrine Charities still has their website up.  The phone number does not work.  I assume that it has been dissolved.   I captured it in adobe as I can’t tell how long it will still be up.

(not posted – it is copyrights and permission cannot be obtained)

It is unfortunate that another financial brokerage that appeared to do much for the community is now gone and investors are out lots of money.  Certainly this is a loss for the Town of Cedar Falls, Iowa which no longer has the My Verona  Restaurant 419 Main Street; Cedar Falls, Iowa or for the beneficiaries of the Peregrine Charities.

For more information about the bankruptcy, please see bankruptcy schedules summary provided below.



height weight health insurance

height weight health insurance

BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois – Height and Weight Chart.

As a small law office, I am well aware of the challenges of purchasing health insurance for my family.  I have attached a height and weight chart for Illinois.  The bottom line is this – if you are within the Acceptable Weight Limits and have no pre-existing medical conditions, health insurance is reasonably priced with good coverage.  If you are above the acceptable weight but not above the 25% rate up you will get coverage but at a much higher price.  If you are above the 25% rate up weight – you will be denied coverage.  This is the so called “obesity” pre-existing condition that many insurers now use to exclude “obese” individuals.  Bottom line, if you weigh more than these limits, you need to check into to the Illinois ICHIP program which offer insurance to folks who are denied by these height and weight requirements.  Although coverage isn’t cheap, it isn’t unreasonable either.

On January 1, 2014 – this all changes when the healthcare act becomes fully effective.  At that time you will not be denied for health insurance and required to have health insurance or be subject to a severe tax penalty.

legalize hemp

legalize hemp

Chicago City Council passes pot possession ticket ordinance – Chicago Sun-Times.

Click the Link Above to See an Interesting Sun-Time Article Discussing Chicago’s ticket for pot possession.

Whether you believe Pot should be legal or not, one thing is for sure, the original underpinnings of making Hemp illegal in 1935 with the tax stamp act has screwed up law enforcement for year.  Hemp is a weed that grows naturally and has to be eradicated by force just to keep it from not being available practically everywhere in the rural midwest.  Many people believe that the “War on Drugs” created by Nancy Reagan as a political stunt has been expensive and unsuccessful.  My opinion is that plants that grow naturally shouldn’t be illegal for anyone to possess much less smoke.  In addition it is ludicrous for anyone to assert that weed spraying for a weed that doesn’t necessarily both people should be mandatory when millions could be diverted towards healthcare or drug prevention education.

Here’s the bottom line, strong law enforcement is necessary to maintain order in society.  Ineffective laws that do not benefits society must be enforced until legislatures realize they are not beneficial.  It appears that nearly all laws against the possession, growing and use of Marijuana/Pot/Hemp are not beneficial to society.

Just like drinking and driving, strong law enforcement should be focused on keeping all users of drugs from driving, operating machinery or endangering others.

Tobacco is legal but heavily regulated, is that really right?  No, but then where is all of the tax money going to come from?  May Hemp/Pot/Marijuana will become the new plant to tax legally to replace falling tobacco revenues.  This is more about the game to tax things.

It looks like Hemp/Pot/Marijuana needs to be legal, taxed and grown at home.  What should never happen is for someone to promote this plant as something “healthy” or good for you.  That is left to opinion and is a private matter.

Just like everything – these go in cycles and just like tobacco, pot will be legal soon, taxed, expensive and just as “healthy” or “unhealthy” as it was before.  Just like gambling, drinking and any other vice.

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