law graduates jobs

law graduates jobs


ABA: Only 55 percent of law grads found full-time law jobs.

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I am particularly pleased to see this new requirement that forces law schools to check up on their recent graduates to find out if they have found full time employment.  I consider my education from Drake University to have been excellent in all ways preparing me well for the job that I do everyday as a lawyer.

HOWEVER, Drake University did absolutely nothing to prepare me for taking the Bar in any or all states, did nothing to help me figure out where to land my first job AND most importantly did nothing to help me figure out how to start paying my $61,000 (in 1992 dollars $21,000 was at 14% interest) in law school only student loans that started six months after I graduated.

I SUPPORT every law school graduate who is attempting to find employment and strongly advise all graduates to choose employment in ANY job regardless of whether it is law related or the practice law.  If you have left law school and have student loan debt – now is the time to wise up and keep your loans current.  They die 25 years after first repayment plus deferments.  For most law school graduates that means there is no escape and you must pay these loans.

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